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land for $100 and attending meetings in full dress uniforms to oppose building high rises in area.

     The Association also located the submerged “Glacier Rock” off Belle Maer Harbor.  This was reported to the Coast Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the DNR, and as a result is now shown on navigation charts.

     The ABYA, with funds raised from club membership dues and money generated from the various events we put on, is able to return this money to the boating community.

     Some of the programs and organizations that we have made donations to, sponsored, or promoted over the years include: Macomb County Sheriff’s Dept. Marine Division, St. Clair County Sheriff’s Dept. Marine Division, Wayne County Sheriff’s Dept Marine Division, Great Lakes Division of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets and the Pride of Michigan, Boat Town Parade of Lights, Venetian Festival of Lights, Save Our South Channel Lights Foundation, and Miss Boat Town Beauty Pageant.

     Some equipment that we were able to provide to these organizations and programs include: 2 cardiac defibrillators, laser range finders, “NO WAKE” buoys at entrance to Metro-Beach and Clinton River, The Marine Safety Book Program, “NO WAKE” charts, Life Jacket program and Bobby the Boat, a robot which is used in boating education and awareness aimed at our youngsters. These do not represent all the organizations that we have supported nor does this go into great detail as to what type of support they have received from us.

     The ABYA represents 30 boat, sail and yacht clubs with approximately 7,000 members from Lake St. Clair to Black River in Port Huron. As we start our 42nd year you can see a lot has been accomplished since its formation. However there is still a lot to do when it comes to safety in and around the water and the preservation of our waterways.

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