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     Much of the following Boating Safety Information is borrowed from various online resources.  The ABYA does not specifically endorse any one of these resources, but is happy to provide you with this "good to know" information.

  * 2017 Anchor Bay Yachting Association Safety Handbook

  * Vessel Safety Checklist

  * Michigan Boating Handbook of Boating Laws and Responsibilities

  * Canada Border Fact Sheet (Reporting Requirements)

  * Winter Inventory - Your Boating Safety Checklist

  * What to do with those old Fire Extinguishers
  * Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boats

  * What You Can Do To Boat Safer

  * Why Should I Wear My Life Jacket?

  * Discover Boating - Safe Boating Guide

  * Traveling by Boat - Reporting Requirements


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