ClintonRiverClean UpIn recent years our September meeting has been changed to Sunday and the island club where this meeting is held has extended an invitation to all attending the use of their facility for that particular weekend. October is another Sunday meeting and again the island club where this meeting is held offers up a full weekend for those wishing to go by boat.  However, unlike other Island meetings held throughout the summer, this one can still be accessed by car.

The last major ABYA event for the year is held on the first Saturday of December.  This is our annual Commodores Christmas Ball and has had attendance reach over 700 individuals.

Our November meeting is the most important of the year, as far as the future of the ABYA is concerned.  It is at this meeting that the delegates have the opportunity to vote for one individual who will fill the open position of Secretary and eventually move the ABYA in the direction that was set by our first Commodore and his Bridge.

The Anchor Bay Yachting Association has prided itself in doing many things for the good of the boating community in general.  Projects taken on by the ABYA over the years have been:  Implementing the plan that resulted in the dredging of the Clinton River and the construction of the harbor entrance at the mouth of the Clinton River; Organizing a cleanup of Gull Island with all the debris being carried away; Providing a large number of workers for the Clinton River Cleanup; Petitioning the Coast Guard to place markers in North Channel earlier in the spring; Being instrumental in getting the Coast Guard to reposition Pointe Huron Buoy #1, making it easier to pick up range markers at Metro Beach; Organizing a Town Meeting, with the DNR invited, for the purpose of guaranteeing the placement of pump out stations at convenient locations; Purchasing land for $100 and attending meetings in full dress uniforms to oppose building high rises in area.

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