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Special Committees
Section 1. Special committees for specific purposes may be appointed, dissolved or reappointed by the Commodore as he or she sees fit.

Section 1. Clubs desirous of becoming a member of A.B.Y.A. shall comply with the requirements as stated in ARTICLE V of the Constitution.

Section L The annual dues for membership in A.B.Y.A. shall be determined by the Board. This amount may be reevaluated on an annual basis. Club dues shall accompany the Roster Update Form and be payable by the first of January of each year.
Section 2. Any club not having paid the annual dues by the March General Membership meeting shall be considered in arrears and will be notified of same in writing by the Treasurer. Should the arrearage not be paid within thirty (30) days, their affiliation and privileges extended therewith shall cease.
Section 3. Should A.B.Y.A. dissolve, after all debts having been paid, any remaining assets will revert to the governmental entity or entities as required by our Constitution, ARTICLE

Meeting and Voting
Section L Special meetings may be called by the Commodore whenever he or she deems it necessary and appropriate. They may also be called by written request of five (5) or more Delegates.
Section 2. All requests for special meetings as made by Delegates (5) shall specify the purpose and object of that meeting.
Section 3. A Quorum for non-financially related business is defined as the total number of Delegates present at a general membership meeting. For business of a financial nature, a Quorum is defined as a majority of the Delegates from member clubs being present.

Nominations, Elections and Succession of Officers
Section I. An Election Committee shall be appointed by the A.B.Y.A. Commodore prior to the September general membership meeting. It shall consist of the Immediate Past Commodore and two (2) Past Commodores of A.B.Y.A.
Section 2. Unless unusual circumstances, as defined in ARTICLE V — Section 8 were to occur, only nominations for the position of Secretary will be accepted. The nominee must provide, to the Committee, written confirmation of his or her intention to run for that position. This must be presented at or prior to the October general membership meeting.
Section 3. Candidates may be nominated from the floor at the October meeting. Should this occur. those candidates will submit, to the Election Committee, in writing, their
acceptance of the nomination. This must be received by the Board prior to the November meeting.
Section 4. At the close of the October meeting, all candidates having been presented to the Delegates, the nominations for office will be closed.
Section 5. The election shall be held at the November general membership meeting. All officers succeeding to the next highest rank will be asked by the election chairperson, or the designee, to signify their willingness to assume that responsibility.
Section 6. The terms of office shall be one (1) year. Assumption of duties associated with the elevation to the next office will take place on or before January IsE,
Section 7. Election shall be by secret ballot.
Section 8. Succession to the next highest office will be automatic, providing those provisions as stated in Section 2 have been met. Should any officer be unwilling or unable to complete their term and this should occur within the first six (6) months of that term, a special election shall be held. Current officers will be elevated to the next rank and a new Secretary will be elected. Should this occur in the last six (6) months of the term, all remaining officers will share in the duties of that office until the November election meeting.

Responsibilities of Office
Section 1. Commodore
A. To be Chief Executive Officer.
B. To preside at all meetings.
C. To execute, or cause to be executed, contracts, certificates and other instruments on behalf of A,B.Y.A.
D. To be Ex-officio member of all committees.
E. To contract with an auditing agency who shall audit the financial records of A.B.Y.A. and will certify their accuracy. This shall occur prior to said records being passed to the successive Treasurer.
F. To maintain an inventory record of all A.B.Y.A. property.
Section 2. Vice Commodore
A. To assist the Commodore in the discharge of his or her duties.
B. To assume the duties of the Commodore in the event of his or her absence or temporary incapacity.
C. To arrange for guest speakers at the membership meetings as deemed appropriate.
Section 3. Rear Commodore
A. To assist the Commodore and Vice Commodore in the discharge of their duties.
B. To be responsible for organizing at least two (2) charity events.
Section 4. Secretary
A. To record accurate minutes of all meetings and to publish a reasonably accurate synopsis of same in the next newsletter
B. Maintain records of attendance and various reports.
C. To conduct the A.B.Y.A. correspondence.
D. To notify all delegates of membership meetings at least one (1) week prior to the date thereof.
E. On an annual basis, and before the March general membership meeting, to furnish each member club's Delegate and Commodore a copy of the A,B.Y,A. Constitution, By-Laws, Code of Conduct and membership roster. In addition, the Secretary will cause to be published in the newsletter, any proposed amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws in accordance with ARTICLE VIII of the Constitution.
F. To send notice, in writing, to clubs in arrears of annual dues.
G. To notify in writing, a member club's Board in the event of the absence of their Delegate or Alternate from two (2) consecutive general membership meetings.
H. To be in charge of assuring the confirmation of all locations for the monthly general membership meetings.
Section 5. Treasurer
A. To be the financial officer of the A.B.Y.A.
B. To accept and deposit all monies owed to A.B.Y.A. To pay all bills, as approved by the Board, from the general fund.

C. To keep accounts of the A.B.Y.A. and to preserve proper vouchers for all disbursements.
D. To prepare and deliver accurate reports of the A.B.Y.A.'s current financial status at each membership meeting.
E. To prepare all documents necessary for annual auditing.
F. To have all documents and financial records in order and to surrender same to the succeeding Treasurer on or before January 1st.
G. To be responsible for at least one (1) charity event.

Dress Code
NOTE: The following Sections constitute the dress code for the Officers of Anchor Bay Yachting Association. it is recommended that all member clubs use this as a guideline for their dress code as well.
Section 1. WINTER FORMAL UNIFORM — Worn at the A.B.Y.A. Christmas Ball, Commodore's Balls and funerals.
A. Men: Formal black yachtsman's double breasted tuxedo. White shirt, black bow tie, (long black tie for funerals), black shoes and black socks. Hat is black if worn.
B. Women: Formal black yachtsman's double breasted tuxedo with long or short skirt to match. White blouse, black ``V" tie, black shoes and appropriate hosiery.
1. Commodore: Black trefoil with stripes (3) on both sleeves. Three gold stars, each within a ring of the trefoil. Three gold stars on hat. * Gold anchor above top trefoil.
2. Vice Commodore: Same as Commodore except two gold stars in the lower two rings of the trefoil.
3. Rear Commodore: Same as Commodore except one gold star in the upper ring of the trefoil.
4. Treasurer: Same as Commodore except gold acorn in the top ring of the trefoil.
5. Secretary: Same as Commodore except gold maple leaf in top ring of the trefoil. NOTE: Officers of A.B.Y.A. shall wear a gold anchor placed below trefoil in center.
6. Name plate: Black with white lettering — left breast pocket. Commodores may substitute gold with black lettering and Past Commodores may substitute silver with black lettering.
7. Past Commodores will substitute silver for gold stars. ABYA Fast Commodores substitute silver for gold anchor.
8. Past Commodores who have served more than one club as Commodore or, their own club more than once as Commodore, shall be permitted to wear a rectangular silver bar on their left sleeve. These bars are for each ADDITIONAL tour of duty. The bars shall be placed 1/2" inch below the bottom trefoil. They may he worn on both the informal and formal uniform.
Section 2. Winter Informal Uniform shall be worn to all A.B.Y.A. general membership meetings between October and May Pi. The exception to this code is the last island meeting of the year, should it fall after September
A. Men's Uniform shall consist of dark blue single or double breasted blazer, gray slacks, white shirt, long black tie, black shoes and socks. (See Exhibit C)
B. Women's Informal Uniform shall consist of dark blue single or double breasted blazer, gray slacks or skirt, white blouse, black or dark blue crossed tie, dark blue or gray shoes and appropriate hose. (See Exhibit D)
1. Club patch to be worn over left breast pocket.
2. Insignia of rank directly over patch.
3. Name badge over top of breast pocket.
4. Club or association pins are worn on right lapel.
5. A.B.Y.A. Past Commodore anchor is worn on left sleeve, 3" inches above the sleeve edge.
6. I.O.B.G. patch is worn on the right sleeve approximately 5" inches above the sleeve edge. The handle of the gavel shall point downward.
Section 3. Summer Uniforms — worn May Is' through September3Oth.
A. Formal Uniform shall be the same as stated in Section 1, (A&B) except for substitution of white slacks/skirt, white shoes, socks / appropriate hose, black bow tie /"V" tie. White "skippers" hat is optional but recommended when appropriate. This uniform is usually reserved for funerals or formal events as dictated by either A.B.Y.A, or the individual clubs.
B. Formal (Daytime Whites) Uniform shall consist of white uniform shirt/blouse with the epaulets of the wearer's office. All buttons shall be white with the exception of the pockets and shoulders which shall be gold (substitution of silver for gold for Past Commodores), white slacks/skirt with white belt, white socks and shoes. Black long tie/V tie and white "skippers" hat may be considered appropriate in some circumstances. (See Exhibit E & F)
C. Alternative Informal Uniform could add the blue blazer to Section 3 B.
NOTE: The addition of anchor insignias on epaulets are reserved for line officers of A.B.Y.A. Past Commodores of A.B.Y.A. only.
1. Commodore epaulets — four gold bars (gold anchor for AI3YA officer)
2. Vice Commodore — three gold bars (gold anchor for A.B.Y.A. officer.
3. Rear Commodore — two gold bars (gold anchor for A.B.Y.A. officer)
4. Treasurer — gold acorn (one gold bar for A.B.Y.A. officer)
5. Secretary — gold maple leaf (one gold bar for A.B.Y.A. officer)
6. Past Commodore — four silver bars (silver anchor for A.B.Y.A. officer)


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